The Go Ahead Tours difference



Travel is the best way to learn about the world, and FOLA's partnership with GoAhead Tours make it easy to get to the heart of a destination. GoAhead draws on over 50 years of experience and a rich network of local Tour Directors, historians, and experts to create one-of-a-kind journeys for curious travelers. Each trip offers the perfect balance of carefully planned activities and free time to explore your interests, so you’ll return home with memories that last a lifetime. 

Each itinerary is handcrafted by a team of travel experts to be an exciting and memorable experience from the moment you are greeted by your Tour Director until you return home. 

Speaking of which, your Tour Director lives and breathes local culture and customs. Each Tour Director is a local insider with years of experience in sharing knowledge of regional culture and history with travelers.  You can trust your Tour Director to handle all the logistics and give you tons of background on each place you visit on tour. From knowing where to get the best cup of coffee to giving a dramatic retelling of the history behind an iconic landmark, your Tour Director will be your go-to expert.

In addition to your Tour Director, your local guides will be true experts on their specific cities, whether that is a rustic village in the Italian countryside or a bustling cultural capital.  Thanks to GoAhead Tour's global network, the best of the best and most experienced guides are used, adding another level of expertise and hospitality to your sightseeing. 

The excitement of exploring the world can really tire you out. That’s why each hotel you'll stay at has been vetted and chosen for comfort and location to ensure you can rest easy each night of your trip. That could mean anything from a charming casita in Peru to a romantic boutique hotel in Assisi. Plus, mornings are a bit easier with breakfast waiting for you just downstairs each day. The rest of your included meals will feature local staples and specialties. You’ll get to know your fellow travelers at your welcome dinner, and come together throughout your tour to celebrate and share stories.


To get you to your destination, GoAhead Tours is able to offer a wide range of round-trip flight options that can get you to and from your destination comfortably and at a great value. GoAhead Tours can fly you into one airport at the beginning of your tour and out of another at the end so you won’t waste travel days backtracking to where you started.

Once you’re on tour, every travel detail is taken care of - from private deluxe motor coaches to flights between destination cities and so much more. You’ll zip through the canals of Bangkok on a longtail boat, journey through the Serengeti in an upgraded land cruiser and shoot under the English Channel on the Eurostar train from Paris to London.



GoAhead Tours has kindly offered to travel to any and all law associations to either host a stand alone event or piggy back on one of your upcoming law association events. They have offered to spring for food and drinks!  

A free event with food and drinks for your members!  Now how can you say no to that???

If you are interested, please email Katie at and put GoAhead in the subject line.  I’m happy to answer any questions you may have or connect you directly with our GoAhead rep.