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Most of the November Plenary was video-taped and recorded and those recordings are provided by clicking on the links that are embedded in the title/heading of each section for which we have video. 

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MAY 2017




Mike Ras, former Executive Director, FOLA, provides his biennial “6 month in review”, offers a look at what’s ahead for lawyers in Ontario, and discusses some advocacy issues on the Associations radar.

Fees and competition, licensing, technology in courthouses, real estate closing docs, contingency fees, legal aid, diversity, and bencher elections at the Law Society of Ontario are just some of the issues covered.

Malcom Mercer, (then incoming) LSO Treasurer

Merredith Maclennan, Real Estate Committee Chair, FOLA

Provides a progress update on a variety of Committee work in the Real Estate space such as the Real Estate Liaison Group working group to examine the state of practicing real estate law in Ontario and the Real Estate Action Committee, and the Working Group of Lawyers and Real Estate. She also offers a peek at what’s on the horizon.

Sonya Jain, former Family Law Chair, FOLA

Sonya summarizes the top 5 issues on her agenda: 

Rule 24 Cost Consultation (looking at ways to reduce costs in legal-related family matters) in Ontario;

Expansion of the unified family court and ensuring adequate judicial resources;

Changes to Child Protection (as per the Katelynn’s Principle)

Unbundled legal services product (province-wide roster of lawyers to provide bundled services in family law in Ontario) and the pilot project in Barrie

Family Legal Services Review (specifically the argument against the LSO special license for paralegals)

Colin Lachance, CEO, vLex 

Colin provides an overview of the work vLex has been doing to create a special premium access portal inside Carleton County Law Association (CCLA) 

Jennifer Walker, Head Librarian, Carleton County Law Association (CCLA) 

Through Will Check, lawyers can deposit the location information about wills they create for their clients. In the future, this information stored with Will Check will assist in easier access for trustees and testators. Accessed through the LSO portal and curated by the CCLA.

Paula Puddy, Business Development, CDP Online 

CDP Online offers 27/7 access to a wide range of CPD videos for legal and financial professionals. 

Kathleen Waters, Consultant to the CEO (and former CEO), LawPro 

Lawyers'​ Professional Indemnity Company (LAWPRO) is a wholly Canadian owned insurance company that provides professional liability insurance to lawyers in Ontario and TitlePLUS title insurance coast-to-coast. LAWPRO is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

Jaye Hooper, Chair, FOLA; Eldon Horner, Past Chair, FOLA; Mike Ras, former Executive Director, FOLA – LIRN UPDADTE

Eldon, Jaye, and Mike discuss the proposed changes to LibraryCo and Law Libraries in Ontario with respect to the new Legal Information Resource Network (LIRN)

Eldon Horner, Past Chair, FOLA; Nathan Baker, Central East Regional Representative 

Eldon and Nathan provide an update on Law Libraries in Ontario (not including the proposed LIRN). 

Jaye, Mike, Bill, and Mike Ras offer insight on how FOLA consults the membership and answer questions.

Jaye Hooper, Chair, FOLA; Mike Winward, 1st Vice Chair and Treasurer, FOLA; William Woodward 

2nd Vice Chair, FOLA; Mike Ras, Former Executive Director, FOLA

Paul B. Schabas, Past Treasure Law Society of Ontario (2016-2018)

FOLA’s Key Note Speaker, May Plenary

Diana Miles, CEO, Law Society of Ontario (LSO)

Diana offers an overview of services and resources available through the LSO (including coaching services) as well as some recommendations and changes being proposed by the Society.

Dawn Marchand President and Chief Executive Officer, Lawyers Financial  

Lawyers Financial is a brand of The Canadian Bar Insurance Association (CBIA) and provides a comprehensive suite of financial solutions exclusively for lawyers, their families and employees. 

In addition to providing an overview of all services Lawyers Financial offers, Dawn offered some detailed info on some new offerings such as Travel Insurance and Office Insurance policies offered via a new online portal.

Dialogue on Licensing – Panel Discussion

Brigid Wilkinson, Northeast Regional Representative, FOLA (Moderator)

C. Jill Alexander, Carleton County Law Association (CCLA) discusses the CCLA submission 

André B. Bacchus, Assistant Director, WPO, LPP, Law Practice Program, Ryerson University

Gina Alexandris, Senior Program Director, LPP, Law Practice Program, Ryerson University 

Topics covered: Need for change; market dynamics in the lawyer profession, licensing examinations entry level competence, transitional training

Debbie Pearl-Weinberg, Executive Director, Tax & Estate Planning, CIBC Wealth Strategies Group & Dan Kelly, President, CEO, and Chair of the Board, Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses

Debbie and Dan discuss the tax changes to small businesses, what they mean for lawyers, and various successes in lobbying for changes.