Middlesex Law Association April 2020 Newsletter

Some press on Attorney General Doug Downey's speech at Plenary

FOLA Chair Mike Winward on planned changes to the Justice of the Peace appointment process as an in the Globe & Mail.  Read here.

Queen's Park Press Release - Simplified Procedure

Beginning January 1, 2020, people with civil court claims up to $200,000 will be able to use the Simplified Procedure process, up from the previous claim amount of $100,000.  Read Ministry Release and see FOLA's quote here

Northumberland County Law Association Fall 2019 newsletter

Once again, the NCLA newsletter is full of great content!  Including a piece about Northumberland’s first female Justice of the Peace, info about family & civil rules and practices, amendments to Canada’s Divorce Act, and a FOLA update!  Read it here!


View the most recent Banack Bencher Newsletter by Larry Banack here.  View older editions here.  

Judges cite local need for unified family court

Brantford is far behind the rest of the province when it comes to helping families navigate the justice system due to a lack of a unified family court, Ontario Superior Court Justice John Harper says.  Read article in the Brantford Expositor here.

FOLA invites lawyers’ suggestions for modernizing legal aid

Following meetings with Ontario's Attorney General and Legal Aid Ontario Chair, Charles Harnick,  FOLA is urging Ontario lawyers to submit their ideas, concerns and views about legal aid as the provincial government works on amending the Legal Aid Services Act .  Read More>

FOLA meets with Ontario Attorney General and Legal Aid Ontario Chair

Legal associations meet with Doug Downey, Legal Aid Ontario officials about legal aid cuts & upcoming changes to the Legal Aid Services Act - via Law Times.  Read More!

Halton Law Unveils 2019-2020 Open Bar LIVE Education Series

The Halton County Law Association (in conjunction with the Milton Family Courts) has announced their Continuing Legal Education 2019-2020 Upcoming Programs. Read article about it in the Advocate Daily.


Includes: Changes to the Trademarks Act; Employee Interviews; Good Activities and Bad Injuries; Consent and Sexual Assault Cases; Building an Empire; Remember Your Lawyer Assistance Program; Favourite Apps; Travelling Librarian; FOLA Update; Letter from the President; and more!  Read here

Stakeholder collaboration vital for access to justice: FOLA

All stakeholders must chip in if access to justice is to improve in Ontario, says William Woodward, FOLA's 1st Vice-Chair.  And Ontario should not hesitate to adopt best practices from other jurisdictions.  Read more here.


Get your summer 2019 edition of the OCLA here!  Tips, resources, op-eds, and more!  Enjoy! 

FOLA: Province paying lip service to consultation on critical issues

The Ontario government’s lack of commitment to meaningful consultation is striking another blow to access to justice, says FOLA Chair Michael Winward.  Continue reading here.

Remarks on the Rainy River District Judicial Vacancy

Remarks of Douglas W. Judson, President of the Rainy River Law Association, from the May 15, 2019 meeting of the Rainy River District Municipal Association.   Read here.


Lots of articles, including one by FOLA, one about what Rugby can teach us about Law, Legal Aid concerns, some podcast recommendations, and more!  Read it here.

The advantages of articling in a small town - FOLA

Graduates would do well to consider choosing a small town practice over a big-city experience, says William Woodward, 1st Vice Chair, FOLA.  Read more.  

Legal aid cuts a step back on access to justice: FOLA

The provincial government is shirking its duties on access to justice, The Federation of Ontario Law Associations (FOLA) chair Michael Winward tells  Read More

ONTARIO 2019 BUDGET & JUSTICE: FOLA applauds some measures, has some concerns

FOLA was pleased to see that the Ontario Government announced in it’s April 11th Budget that it plans proposed legislation to reduce the use of civil juries for simplified procedure trials, noting that this should help maximize the use of the limited resources within the Superior Court of Justice.  However, we are deeply concerned over the announced cuts to Legal Aid Ontario.  Read more.


The April edition of The Snail is now out!  Read it here!

Lawyers flex creative muscle to commemorate Law Day

As Law Day approaches, mock trials have become a favourite community activity among Ontario’s Law Associations, says Katie Robinette, executive director of FOLA. Read more via AdvocateDaily.

It's Time to Hire an Articling Student. What's Next?

Article in the AdvocateDaily about FOLA's new resource page for lawyers thinking about hiring an articling student.  Read it here


A great read filled with library news, historical tidbits, and Lakehead news! Read here!

Inside this Issue:  Great articles about lawyers creating change, responsibility for paying costs in family law, FOLA news, upcoming CPDs, research tips, and more!  Contributors include FOLA's Nathan Baker & Katie Robinette.  Read it here!

Advocate Daily article that about FOLA's new Practice Resource page that offers both a roadmap to important LSO information and lawyer-focused suggestions for those facing a complaint or are facing suspension.  Read more  

The deadline to make a contribution to your Retirement Savings Plan (RSP) is March 1st, 2019. Most people will likely benefit from opening an RSP early, investing regularly, and staying invested for the long haul.

But perhaps, you are not like most people.   Maybe an RSP is right for you. Maybe it’s not.  So what is right for you?  Read the full article on AdvocateDaily.

The LSO recently endorsed two pathways to licensing for law graduates — articling with a firm or completing a Law Practice Program at university — but graduates would do well to consider choosing a small town practice over a big-city experience, says William Woodward, 1st Vice Chair of FOLA.  Read the full article on AdvocateDaily.

Landing an articling position is a very competitive process and many law students find it very stressful.  But with ample preparation, many challenges related to finding an articling position could be overcome.  Read the full guest article by Faridah Nassali on Advocate Daily.

If the unexpected is truly unexpected, who knows what to expect?  Frederick Vettese is an actuary and partner at Morneau Shepell and the co-author of The Real Retirement and author of Retirement Income for Life.  He's looked at the most common shockers that we prepare for in retirement.  His conclusion?  Some Canadians are over-saving for retirement because they fear events that will probably never happen. And he’s got some math to prove it.  See the numbers and read more on AdvocateDaily.

The Federation of Ontario Law Associations (FOLA) has a new page on our website just for you!  Read the article on AdvocateDaily.

FOLA Media Release about our resource page to help Ontario lawyers join in on #BellLetsTalk conversation about #mentalhealth.  You can read it on AdvocateDaily. 

FOLA has joined the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium (GLBC), an organization of legal and technology industry stakeholders focused on increasing the security, productivity, and interoperability of blockchain technology.   Read more on AdvocateDaily.

FOLA Chair, Mike Winward, talks about the upcoming Bencher Elections at the LSO & our new bencher election resource page.  Read article on Advocate Daily.   

From November 7th through November 9th, 2018, Law Association Presidents, Law Association delegates and Law Association Library staff members in Waterloo, ON to attend FOLA’s Fall Plenary.  Read our Press Release on Advocate Daily.

Winward is eager to work with FOLA’s Executive in representing Ontario’s Law Associations and staying true to FOLA’s history of serving as a true grassroots organization in advocating on behalf of the 12,000 lawyers who are members of their local law associations.  Nov 2018 - AdvocateDaily

Membership in a local law association can help new lawyers stand out from the crowd, says FOLA's new Chair Michael Winward. Nov 2018 - AdvocateDaily

FOLA has partnered with CPDonline to provide Ontario's law association members 24/7, unlimited access to their extensive cpd library for only $199.00 per year.  Nov 2018 - AdvocateDaily

FOLA announces five new videos to help Ontario's law associations both retain existing and attract new members to your local law association.  Nov 2018 - AdvocateDaily  

The LSO's call to reduce the number of its benchers could adversely affect regional representation while adding to already heavy committee workloads.  Nov 2018 - AdvocateDaily

The article, in which FOLA Chair Jaye Hooper is quoted, discusses concerns around litigators who advertise "free" services.  Oct 2018 - AdvocateDaily 

Jaye Hooper, chair of FOLA, will chair the association’s plenary session, which takes place Nov. 7-9 in Waterloo.  Oct 18, 2018 - AdvocateDaily

Algoma District Law Association Oct Newsletter

ADLA's many activities for Access to Justice Week 2018:  Events, Important Info, and a Contest! Oct 2018 - Newsletter

10th Annual LCLA Mentoring Dinner

On Wednesday October 10, 2018, the Lincoln County Law Association hosted the 10th Annual Mentoring Dinner at Coppola’s Ristorante & Banquet Facility in St. Catharines.  Theme: ‘Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion.’ 

Ontario Courthouse Libraries Association Oct 2018 Newsletter

OCLA's Oct Newsletter includes pictures, information on COLAL, a book review about Franz Kafka's "The Trial", and more! 

The first phase of the long-standing renovation of the CCLA's library was recently completed, giving it a new look, which includes a raised ceiling and spectacular light fixtures. Jaye Hooper quoted.     

Sept 2018 - AdvocateDaily

Northumberland Law Association Sept 2018 Newsletter

Articles, events, and more!