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FOLA'S July 2019 Newsletter

New AG, Plenary Videos, Legal Aid News, Federal Election, Trips, Tech Tips. LSO update, events, and more!!  Read it here!


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June 2019 Newsletter

Plenary recap, Treasurer’s Election, Financial Solutions Blog update, Trips, Upcoming webinars and events, and more!!  Read it here

May 2019 Newsletter

Featuring #BencherElection2019 results, complete May 2019 Plenary info, two unique travel deals, Law Assn events, & more! Read it here!

April 2019 Newsletter

Plenary info, Bencher Elections, Ecuador & Galapagos Trip, and more!  Read it here!

March 2019 Newsletter 

Bencher Elections, #Access to Justice,  Strategies for Hiring an Intern, Chile & Argentina Trip!, Events, and MORE!  Read it here

February 2019 Newsletter

Bencher Elelctions, #BellLetsTalk Day results, New Resources, LSO Submissions, Events, and MORE!  Read it here

January 2019 Newsletter

Contains information about #BellLetsTalk, Bencher Election Important Dates, Financial Planning Tips, & MORE!

December 2019 Newsletter

Contains info about Convocation, Bencher Elections, #BellLetsTalkDay, Mental Health Resources, Law Tech, & MORE!

November 2019 Newsletter

Contains highlights from FOLA's November Plenary, features FOLA's New Videos, Events, Sponsor Links, and MORE!