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Hastings County Law Association Brunch Bunch (monthly event!)

HCLA defence lawyer Ruth Roberts of Bonn Law started a project to serve one brunch per month. These brunches are timed for the end of each month when social assistance cheques run out, and the brunch project has been a welcome addition for more than just a few people.

Now called the HCLA Brunch Bunch, they served their first ‘brunch’ at the Salvation Army on March 23, 2019.  Lawyers and legal community volunteers have now done 5 brunches to date, and served approximately 700 people in Belleville.  Many of the guests take food home with them to assist their families during the week. 

There are plans to continue expanding the program over time with the aid of donations and funding. If you want to talk to Ruth about this legal community project, she can be reached at (613) 771-0600. Her secretary is Jeremy McCaughen. 

And they're getting some press!  Read here.

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The World Legal Summit 2019 is coming to Canada!

The World Legal Summit (#WLS2019) is a multi-party, two step initiative bringing jurisdictions together in understanding and exploring the development of legislative frameworks for dealing with emerging technologies, and related global systems. 

Part One, Aug 1, Informing: facilitating the understanding and formulation of global insights about legislative and regulatory frameworks dealing with emerging technologies and global systems (Note: This has already taken place)

Part Two, Sept 6-8, Action: foster an environment in which individuals and organizations that are working on the development of these technologies can come to discover ways to further develop their technologies with the insights from part one in mind.


Frontenac Law Association Annual Legal Conference

Kingston and the 1000 Islands Legal Conference

September 20th and 21st, 2019

Gananoque Inn, Gananoque, ON



September 23, 2019 – Family Responsibility Office

“Enforcing support” comes with its own set of legislation, jurisdictional issues, and challenges, including dealing with the Family Responsibility Office. Benefit from the wisdom of experienced FRO counsel and counsel who act for payors and recipients. They will share effective enforcement strategies and tips that will be of interest to those who practice in the area of support enforcement, as well as those who would like to. You will also learn about the inner workings of the FRO, their new service model, and the services they offer. In addition, you will leave this program equipped to draft support clauses that can be quickly, easily and fully enforced along with clauses that will make the exchange of annual financial disclosure and the recalculation of support a breeze.

View flyer on the entire series here.

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Intensive Child Protection Training Primer (Day One)

Date: Thursday, October 10, 2019 (09:00 AM-04:30 PM)

Location: Donald Lamont Learning Centre, 130 Queen Street West, Toronto

A child protection case needs to be handled delicately. Our presenters teach you the strategic and advocacy skills for each stage of the case. They reinforce your understanding with numerous practical demonstrations, including conduct of temporary care and custody hearings, summary judgment motions, conferences, opening and closing statements, voir dires, and examinations of witnesses. Finally, you receive an array of relevant materials, including topical case law, precedents, and social science literature. You leave with the confidence that comes from an intense focus on the fundamentals of this area of family law.

This program is jointly sponsored by the Law Society and AFCC Ontario.


Intensive Child Protection Training Primer (Day Two)

Date: Friday, October 11, 2019 (09:00 AM-04:30 PM)

Location: Donald Lamont Learning Centre, 130 Queen Street West, Toronto

See above for description.


Benchmark Litigation Women in Law Toronto Forum 2019

October 24 - Vantage Venues, Toronto

Building on the previous two years of connecting leading women in litigation and law in the Toronto area, this year's Forum will provide today's women counsel with the latest legal developments in all practice areas in order to fully support their organizations. Featuring topical and timely panels on litigation, regulatory, employment, IP, privacy, cross-border, and compliance, expert speakers will focus on the “hot” legal topics for Canadian businesses. There is also a special focus on building the talent pipeline for women through leadership and career best practices on how to build a successful in-house legal department and develop the next generation of women litigators. 

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Law Society of Ontario - Special Lecture - Innovation, Tech, & the Practice of Law

November 21-22 - Toronto

An LSO Special Lectures program is taking place in late November entitled Innovation, Technology and the Practice of Law.   It will cover a number of topics relating to Artificial Intelligence, Privacy Concerns, practical items on how to use Technology in your practice, as well as discussing regulatory concerns about this new tech in law. 



November 4, 2019 – Practice Tips - What Judges Like and Dislike

There is no part of a lawyer’s participation in litigation that is not advocacy. Get an “insider look” into the minds of Judges in this unique seminar where esteemed members of both the OCJ and SCJ Bench and Bar discuss best practices, strategies and tips on how to best advocate for your family law clients throughout the litigation process. Topics will include written advocacy, advocacy at motions, and Conferences and why it is important to “know your judge”. Learn of the Judges’ expectations and about a lawyer’s responsibility as an officer of the court, including when to withdraw services, go on or off the record, and the importance of the duty of candour.

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First Annual Ralph Frayne Memorial Conference - Anatomy of a Trial

Monday, November 11, 2019

9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Four Points by Sheraton

3530 Schmon Parkway, Thorold, ON

Cost: $150.00 (includes tax, continental breakfast, refreshment breaks & lunch)

$100.00 Early Bird Registration on or before September 30, 2019.



January 27, 2020 – Year in Review

This is one program you do not want to miss. Our speakers will review and discuss the top 2019 domestic and child protection cases. This presentation and supporting papers will be invaluable to you moving forward in 2020, on top of your game!

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February 24, 2020 – Tips on Dealing with the Self-Represented Litigant

Self-represented litigants are an increasingly common challenge facing lawyers in family law matters. This is so whether the individual is the opposing party or a client receiving unbundled services from you or for whom you provide limited representation. Either way it is important to practice defensively so as to avoid a complaint or claim and to know your professional obligations owed to these litigants, the court and other members of the profession. Join us for a discussion of best practices, tips and effective strategies, to help you deal with these often-difficult litigants, including how to best assist them when you are prepared to provide unbundled services or act for them on a limited scope retainer, from retainer agreements to costs. This program will offer you perspectives from the Bar, the Bench, the Law Society, and LawPro.

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April 28, 2020 – The Crossover between Family Law and Criminal Law

At one time or another, nearly all family law lawyers find themselves either representing clients or dealing with opposing parties who have had contact with the criminal justice system. From arrest and bail to trial and sentencing, the process can be complex. Join us for a crash course in the most important issues in criminal law that can “cross-over” into family law matters and how to handle them.


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